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#1 2013-09-28 10:51:15

#! CrunchBanger
Registered: 2012-02-18
Posts: 112

bit of basic Gimping


laid out with shaded areas for the default tint2 and conky arrangement on a 1024x600 screen

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#2 2013-09-28 11:39:59

#! gimpbanger
From: N51.5 W002.8 (mostly)
Registered: 2011-11-24
Posts: 5,434

Re: bit of basic Gimping

Nice flames smile

I can waste a lot of time playing with those GIMP filters!

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#3 2013-10-03 09:45:20

From: Lafayette, LA USA
Registered: 2013-08-26
Posts: 49

Re: bit of basic Gimping

I could picture my car painted like that.

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