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#1 2013-08-02 10:26:23

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Qt-KDE Debian is down?

Ok as some may now I am a huge sucker for Krita, if you're an illustrator its like that ONE huge reason to happily skip to Linux-land instead of sticking with an overpriced, missmatched Photoshop on Windows. Its essentially designed for illustrators and brilliant in all possible ways.

BUT its tricky to install the latest version. Recently Krita 2.7 got pushed up into stable and since I'm THAT kinda guy I wanted to install it and the one way to do that is to install the qt-kde.debian sources and then the keyring. But, and this is my problem, is it down? I've tried this for some months now and it seems as its simply gone from the great wide interwebz.

deb experimental-snapshots main
deb-src experimental-snapshots main

Its not a huge issue though as with Sid/#!Animal I have the 2.6 version but still, the edge it is bleeding without me. Does anyone know if they are down for good? Or if its just me failing somehow? If they are down has anyone else in the grand ole debian world picked up the slack?

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