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#1 2012-04-29 18:14:07

From: Edrychwch o'ch cwmpas
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gnome-keyring for ssh (instead ssh-agent)?

OK, I have replaced my Ubuntu 10.10 with #!, then 'upgraded' to wheezy (had problems with vlc, but never mind), and now I'm configuring my system to my needs and preferences. I must say it is pure pleasure to edit plain text config files ...

One of the preferences I like is a ssh-agent and ssh-add, for storing my ssh keys (I do a fair amount of ssh-ing).

THE PROBLEM: I want to 'ssh-add' my key to the 'ssh-agent', but I don't want to be asked for the passphrase every time I reboot the computer. And, of course, my ssh key is passphrase-d ('ssh-add's are lost between reboots).

THE SOLUTION(?): it seems that the answer is in gnome-keyring, however, the documentation seems to be a sort of 'overwhelming' for an inexperienced user as myself, so the question I want to ask is: how should I use gnome-keyring (and its 'ssh-agent'), instead of 'ssh-add' and openssh's ssh-agent?

Additional info:
- I have gnome-keyring-daemon running after I log-in
- I have openssh 'ssh-agent' running after I log-in
- when I execute

$ thunar sftp://username@server/somedir/

small dialog has opened first time, with three options 'Forget pass immediately', '(I forgot middle one)' and 'Nevar forget' (actually, the last one is 'Remember forever'). Selecting 'Nevar forget' is doing its job: I do not need to enter password even after the reboots (therefore, gnome-keyring seems to be working)
- instead of permanently remembered keys, I have to do:

$ ssh-add  # it adds my private key to the 'ssh-agent'

(now I am asked for the passphrase for my key, and it has too be done only once 'per reboot')

$ ssh   # it connects seamelessly to the; no password asked

Sorry for long post .... I hope it will not be TL;DR

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#2 2012-09-01 19:03:26

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Re: gnome-keyring for ssh (instead ssh-agent)?

Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm also annoyed with having to type in my ssh passphrase after every reboot. I have this set up on my Ubuntu machine (I believe I'm using gnome-keyring, although I set it up last year and don't really remember the process). It would be nice to get it working on #! also


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