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#1 2015-09-29 14:37:29

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Can we just change the name back already?

Half the reason I tried the distro was the cool sounding name and great asthetics!
I am sad now. sad

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#2 2015-09-29 14:58:40

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?

^ You can't go back, only forward.

A person needs new experiences.  They jar something deep inside, allowing him to grow.  (Yes, I did just; I maintain it's a far cry better than anything in Jodorowsky's oeuvre, despite what his fanboys said.)


#3 2015-09-29 18:45:07

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?

Given that Philip aka Corenominal has essentially endorsed the Bunsen Labs effort, I don't think that the OP's proposal is all that unreasonable.

I might wait to see how popular the "final" BL version becomes. If it fails to gain the mindshare that Crunchbang enjoyed, I think that it is worth taking a look at just reviving the Crunchbang moniker and its established reputation.

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#4 2015-09-29 19:50:08

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?

While I would have liked to see the new project use the CrunchBang name, Philip did not want any spinoffs to keep the name when he first threw in the towel. I'd say it's a bit late now. Plenty of work has gone into BL and the new forums for it are open etc.

Time to turn the page.

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#5 2015-09-29 19:58:42

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?


#6 2015-09-30 05:37:00

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?

Or compromise and call it CrunchenBabs.

Lead. Don't follow and don't wobble. This is a labour of love for the people involved, not a commercial enterprise. It doesn't need to sell.

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#7 2015-09-30 12:15:27

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Re: Can we just change the name back already?

I will just leave this here: I understand the logic

Thank you core!

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