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#1 2015-09-12 08:18:31

#! Member
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Introduction ghorvath

Hi All. I saw that there is an introduction page, so I thought introducing myself. I am a maths researcher, having some linux background from 15 years ago when I was a uiversity student, but using windows steadily on my home machines. Last year I acquired a Raspberry Pi, running raspbian wheezy on it, and I like it very much. Then I had to revive my mother-in-law's very old computer (it was running windows xp but very slowly). I decided to install linux on it, preferably Debian based, and that is how I cam across #!. I liked it the second I booted the live cd, and was very sorry to hear that its development ended in February. Then I read that Bunsenlabs is in development and I got excited again, and this lead me to finally completely migrate from windows to linux on all my machines (altogether 3 laptops and 2 desktop computers at home/work/etc). Now I am still in the process of tweaking these systems to my liking, but I am really happy that I moved to Bunsenlabs, the world opened up a bit more to me!

Thank you for all the developers of Bunsenlabs, keep up the good work!


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#2 2015-09-12 09:13:18

#! gimpbanger
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Re: Introduction ghorvath

Official welcome to @ghorvath, after your many posts already  lol


#3 2015-09-12 10:17:15

From: A world of pure imagination
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Re: Introduction ghorvath


#4 2015-09-12 13:17:12

#!'er to BL'er
From: SR11 Cockpit
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Re: Introduction ghorvath

Yea and Pi are round too!

Welcome ghorvath who has been here a bit.  big_smile


#5 2015-09-13 02:05:30

From: Nagoya, Japan
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Re: Introduction ghorvath

Welcome to the community!


#6 2015-09-13 08:04:34

#! Die Hard
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Re: Introduction ghorvath

Welcome and have fun tweaking your OS wink


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