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#1 2014-09-17 21:32:42

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Problem using forum

Rocky wrote:

Finally got here big_smile - thanks to Zill ( fellow Solydx'r ). Was able to download an iso from linux freedom and MD5 matched up. Yaah !

Two questions now that I have #! installed.

  1. When navigating this forum there is an irritating white flash between page loads - feels like a slight delay while the new page downloads . This only happens on forward navigation and on this site because of the grey background . Didn't notice this problem on other distros using Iceweasel / straight Firefox

  2. When first booting Crunchbang and after logging in, background and conky load quickly but there is a distinct delay while tint2 panels load - is this normal ?. I have left tint2 configuration at default other than moving it from top to bottom of the screen. My PC is 64bit pentium class with 2G RAM.


Alad wrote:

Usually you'd open a new thread for those questions...

1. I know Chrome used to have that problem. Don't know on Firefox.

2. Yes, it's intentional (to keep things "in order")

Rocky wrote:

Thanks Alad,

Sorry about not starting a new thread. ops You are of course right and I did wonder at the time of my post if I should do so. Not sure how I can now get moderators attention but if you are reading this Moderator perhaps you would split from post #16 out into a new thread

    Just to clarify this behaviour is with Iceweasel



Moved posts above to a new thread ( from … 10#p395210) as suggested by Alad.

As a follow up to the "white flash problem" I tried on a few different PC's today and it seems the problem must be related to the forum background colour ( at least on my PC's). On windows IE and Firefox I was experiencing the same problem to greater or lesser degrees - only on Chrome (Windows) and Midori (Manjaro Live CD) was there no problem. I am back on #! partition and the problem seems quite pronounced using Iceweasel ( which is essentially Firefox anyway). Unfortunately for me it makes the forum almost unusable. 8) 8) 8.( Wonder if anybody else is having the same problem ?

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