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#76 2014-04-04 09:29:24

#! Die Hard
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Re: CrunchBuntu Wiggle Puppy

Yes, systray is enabled. Just copied the same Tint2 file I use in all my #! installs, but this time the systray is gone. Launched apps that use to live in the systray, but nothing is showing. Also I cannot fix the icon of one of the custom desktop launchers. The rest work but this one is reluctant to show the icon. Tried to edit the launcher pointing to the custom icon I want but no luck yet.

Aside of that, it's a refreshing experience seen KXStudio with OpenBox going snappier that with the already very slimmed down KDE. It takes much longer to boot than a #! install in the same machine, but in the end this Crunchbuntu  seems as fast and responsive as a regular #! with or without KXStudio on top. The best part is that all the audio configuration and system tweaks are already done OOTB, while on a KXS Debian install, it's all left to the user. Cool approach for the lazy audio guys.  tongue


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#77 2014-09-08 16:11:15

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Re: CrunchBuntu Wiggle Puppy

Interesting thread.

I read every page.

I hope it hasn't died?


#78 2014-09-08 17:18:39

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Re: CrunchBuntu Wiggle Puppy

Well... the last post (before yours) is from early April, and Ubuntu 14.04 has been out since mid April, so... draw your own conclusions from that.

If you want Ubuntu 14.04 with Openbox, I'd recommend Madbox.


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