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#1 2013-02-27 22:42:05

#! CrunchBanger
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MOC Keymap question

Evening All,
I've been fiddling about in the moc config & keymap files. I've actually got it working how I want it to.

I have fast_dir1 & fast_dir2 assigned to !  (Shift 1) and " (Shift 2) respectively and I have the volume_10 through to volume_90 assigned to F1-9 (I've commented out the exec_command to use the F keys).

However, try as I might I can not get the M (Alt) key to work, neither can I get the £ (Shift 3) key to work for fast_dir3.  In fact, if I included the £ sign in the keymap file, mocp wouldn't start.

This is really not a problem, but I'm puzzled as to why I couldn't get them to work.

I use a Dell Latitude D520 correctly mapped to the UK Dell Latitude keyboard.

Anyone have any ideas?


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