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The Official CrunchBang IRC Channel

#crunchbang on freenode is the official support IRC for CrunchBang.  It is a place to go for information related to CrunchBang, Debian and technology in general.

#crunchbang-offtopic on freenode is the CrunchBang Off Topic area for discussing anything not specifically related to CrunchBang or Debian

There are specific rules in place for everyone who visits these IRC channels.

General Rules:

NOTE - This is a generic list of procedures, any operator does not have to follow this order in handling the situation if he/she feels the situation is escalating too quickly.

  • Be Civil to fellow users, don't flame, make sexist or racist remarks, or generally be nasty towards others.

  • Do not discuss questionable topics in the channel; including (but not limited to): porn, adult humor, illegal or questionable acts and content.

  • Do not spam or flood the channel.

  • Do not advertise commercial services in this channel. We're a open source project support channel, not a tool for marketing.

  • Bots are allowed if approved by one or more of the operators, and will be removed if they break any rules previously mentioned.

The PRIMARY aims of the #crunchbang IRC is for users to share information and help each other with CrunchBang/Debian related issues.  The #crunchbang and #crunchbang-offtopic channels are provided as a courtesy for members but we expect our members to exercise some common sense when posting. We do not want our channels to be associated with porn, drugs, criminal activities, political discussions or any other topic which may inadvertently cause offense to another IRC member who reads the post.  If it is deemed to be unsuitable, then a operator will kick/ban the user immediately. When a operator removes a user, that decision is final.

NOTE - If you are asked to move your discussion to Off Topic, it is expected you do so immediately and without question.  The Official #! Channel is specifically for help and has been overwhelmed in the past by Off Topic discussions, so much that users cannot get help.  This will not be tolerated!

Support Rules:

If you are seeking support in the IRC channel, consider these points.

  • Don't spam your question, people will see your question the first time, if no one can help you then post it on the forums.

  • There's no need to ask if you can ask a question; just ask it.

  • Use pastebin for large files, don't paste them into the channel!

Issue Resolution:

People who breach the rules will be subjected to the following procedure:

  • First Instance - Warning on the IRC channel by a operator.

  • Second Instance - 1 Hour KickBan from the Channel

  • Third Instance - Temp Ban (1 day to 1 Week)

  • Fourth Instance - perma-ban

Complaint Handling:

If you have a complaint regarding your treatment on the IRC channel by operators or fellow users contact one of the operators of the #crunchbang channel or PM a moderator on the Forum.  Please do not post your issues in a thread as that will be ignored or deleted.  A PM is the only method of discussion as it is a private matter.

  • dizzie

  • VastOne

  • pnd4

  • shazbotmcnasty

  • n2o4

  • omns

Our operators give their time freely, with little or no thanks and certainly no financial reward. They perform a difficult task at times, and therefore deserve our support as they carry out their moderating duties. We do not expect them to be vilified by the community for any decisions that they make.


The Off Topic channel is provided for anything not related to CrunchBang or Debian.

We are all for free speech but at our heart we are a friendly, helpful IRC community and we would like to see us stay that way. If these terms are not acceptable to you, please feel free to leave at any time.

Ex-developer of #! CrunchBang. Follow me on Twitter smile


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