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#1 2012-09-04 03:58:10

#! Die Hard
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the Plait thread … stall.html … eadme.html

About Plait

Plait (pronounced "play") is a command-line jukebox and music player front end. It understands brief, easy to type queries that pick a single song, mix queries that combine works from multiple artists, stream queries that find Shoutcast radio streams, and everything in between. A variety of filters are available to pick just the music you want to hear. In order to actually play the music it finds, Plait automatically hands off a play list to one of the supported music players (or you can use it manually with any player that supports .m3u playlists). The end result is that you can type commands like

plait "miles davis" not "in a silent way"
plait --mix mingus monk metheny --tracks 20 --stripe
plait --stream salsa
plait --mixfile punk --interactive
and Plait will seek out cuts from your library, or radio streams, and play them in your music player. Plait uses UNIX as a compatibility layer to target X Window, Windows with Cygwin, OS X, and the UNIX console.

Plait includes a playlist optimizer that balances the number of cuts selected from each source, reorders cuts according to one of several patterns, and selects cuts that are suitable for the target device you specify. By repeating elements in the query you can weight the balance in favor of a particular artist.

Plait works with all kinds of music players, from mpg123 to Beep Media Player. For those who use command-line players like mpg123, Plait includes a command-line front-end, Plaiter, which adds play, pause, stop and other commands, plus queuing, to mpg123 and similar programs. Plait plus mpg123 is a complete music solution for command-line junkies.

Plait can generate complete web sites containing embedded MP3 playlists, complete with album art, using the XSPF Web Music Player (

i've seen it in action in INX.  and it is a glory to behold.  having seen plait, is probably why i've never jumped onto using an ncurses mpd player, like many of my peer group, because it is "that awesome" ... but all i can get at the moment from it is

Playlist empty.  try --list or --help

which is not awesome at all.  it does make me go "aw" though.

it seems like a hundred times simpler to set up than mpd, but it's still fighting me.

anyone else seen plait in action?   got it in action on #!, and if so, what did you do?

tell us all so more peeps can get in on the plait action.


Be excellent to each other!

#2 2012-09-04 04:15:28

#! Resident Bum
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Re: the Plait thread

Dunno if this will sort you out, but it's what google lead me to;

Point & Squirt


#3 2012-09-05 17:27:49

#! Die Hard
From: the internet
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Posts: 1,083

Re: the Plait thread

after much poking around, i got it on the go.  thnks to gutterslob, and to paintinx of inx fame.  smile

so anyways, seems what i have, that makes it work, is:
in ~/.plait/config


in ~/.plait/helpers


no meddling with stuff in /usr/bin/plait was necessary.

i had run many a plait and plaiter command, i dont know which were necessary.  quite possibly a cache update is required:

plait -c

the mplayerness was an idea i lifted almost directly as-is from INX's plait configuration.  ~ simple when one uses the logic of "copy from where it worked".

smile  oh happy day.   heh, the track that i'm listening to was a collaboration between me and jony123, was pleasant to have that be my welcoming track to "plait is now working for you Digit"

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#4 2012-09-08 03:54:32

#! Die Hard
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Re: the Plait thread

i still havnt sussed plaiter yet though.  ... i'll no doubt come with the infos to this thread once i do...  might even just slip it into this post.

but if anyone else has fathomned plaiter's use, please do share.  smile

i half suspect i may need to use something other than mplayer, but only half suspect that, because... why would that be the case?   ~   yeah... i'm still in a muddle on determining why plaiter's not playing nice.  need to read the readme more, n the script itself, and likely what will help most, will be delving into INX again to see how paintinx made it work there.

(just wanted to update so i wouldnt forget about this ~ as if i could)


#5 2014-07-26 13:38:59

#! Die Hard
From: the internet
Registered: 2009-05-26
Posts: 1,083

Re: the Plait thread

plait stops playing after first track
plait stops playing after one track
plait wont play more than one track at a time
plait stopped after only one track
make plait play more than one track
make plait keep plaiting
make plait continue playing
(my searches already brought me here eventually, but i thought i'd add those lines to help hook it up faster)

every time i install plait on another system, i seem to have trouble getting it to play more than one track at a time.

having once again come across the following platform list, from here: … ait/README

You can pick something besides the default
by setting the variable PLATFORM, for example:


The currently supported platforms are: cygwin-winamp, cygwin-itunes,
osx-itunes, linux-xmms, linux-beep-media-player, linux-amarok,
linux-mpg123, linux-mpg123-esd, linux-mpg321, linux-mpg321-esd,
linux-ogg123, linux-ogg123-esd, linux-plaiter, any-xspf and
any-xspf-copy.  In the interest of accuracy, there are also "unix-"
synonyms for all the "linux-" players.

so after it seeming to fail to move on to the next track after the first time it ran with the default unix-plaiter it seemed to come with, i poked around, and it seems to be working (not stopping after playing just one track) so far now i'm using "PLATFORM=linux-mpg123" in the config, and all formats set to mpg123 in helpers .

and with those settings, it works.  no more stopping after playing just the first track.  smile

so hopefully that information will spare me (and/or others) from having to fight with it to work right... which i often lost at, and went without my beloved music jukebox player thingy.

iiofd, i didnt try the whole list, that was just the first i came to that worked, trying them non-systematically.

¬ now listening to the lovely sounds that came from

plait oards



#6 2014-08-14 01:22:53

#! Die Hard
From: the internet
Registered: 2009-05-26
Posts: 1,083

Re: the Plait thread

ps.  that's sooo not solved yet.


flac doesnt work.  plaiter doesnt work.

ideally, i want every feature at once.

able to play more than one track, able to play flac, able to use plaiter...

i'll get there yet, and will come back with a real "[SOLVED]"


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