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#1 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Hibernation in bl-exit » 2015-09-26 01:01:48

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

Yeah, just modify the script and save it under a different name then call that from the menu (or key shortcut).

Remember to "merge" any updates from the official script.

I have found a more elegant solution: modify the script and save it under


As far as I understand, this is the proper way of handling scripts that are relevant to all users, but are not system serviced. They also take precedence, as they should.

#2 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » xfce4-power-manager presentation mode visible on taskbar » 2015-09-22 20:05:54

hhh wrote:

Right-click the icon is the only way. Presentation Mode disables power-saving features.

Ah, too bad. I was hoping there was some way to make it visible without clicking....

#3 Ideas & Suggestions » xfce4-power-manager presentation mode visible on taskbar » 2015-09-20 17:50:01

Replies: 2

As a follow-up on
I have a question/suggestion. Is there a way to know whether or not Presentation mode in xfce4-power-manager is activated just by looking at the taskbar (or maybe the backported power-manager icon)? Currently the only way I know whether this is toggled is if I right-click on the battery icon. Thank you for all ideas.

#4 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Hydrogen RC1, random thoughts in random order » 2015-09-17 15:57:17

twoion wrote:
ghorvath wrote:

In any case, adding not used repos to the sources may cause some problems. Maybe a commented line could be added which the user could uncomment if they want to?

It shouldn't matter at all.

I can't guarantee that you were updating your system just during the time when I was messing around with the webserver configuration (or rebooted the server, happened 2 days ago, but only ONCE) though (sorry).

It was with the debian backports repo, not with the bunsen-backports repo, and it was about a month ago. And come to think of it, the script probably was _not_ bl-welcome, but rather some of my own scripts containing something like

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

And the dist-upgrade never run because update did not exit with code 0.

#5 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Hydrogen RC1, random thoughts in random order » 2015-09-17 13:46:34

hhh wrote:

b. Yes, that's true. It seems silly to have apt always updating the repo for users who will never use it, but maybe the rest of the team disagrees.

It happened to me several times that apt-get update somehow could not update the backports repository during a script (updated all the others properly), threw some errors and the rest of the script did not even run. I think it happened with bl-welcome, as well, but I am not entirely sure. (It is not easily reproducible, and it happened on a 100Mbit connection, as well.)

In any case, adding not used repos to the sources may cause some problems. Maybe a commented line could be added which the user could uncomment if they want to?

#6 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » First Impressions on GROSSLY underpowered hardware » 2015-09-17 13:30:55

Bearded_Blunder wrote:

Chromium and google chrome both install, but neither runs, both exit, Chromium explaining that the sse2 instruction set is required (but not supported by my hardware) Chrome stable merely says my hardware is no longer supported, doubtless the same issue.  Perhaps installing them from the pipemenu should be disabled in the absence of sse2?

I installed #! on two old machines (one is a 15 year old laptop with 512 MB ram) with no sse2. The thing is, Adobe decided at some point (around v11.2) to drop support for CPUs not having sse2, and with such CPUs the new flash-plugin will not work.

Here you can find the solution. Basically you either install the last 11.2 that works (which will be missing some security patches, so may not be advisable) or install the latest 10.3, which should support old CPUs still.

BTW, I think youtube should not use flash anymore, but on such an old hardware you probably would not be able to see anything anyway.... I know I cannot play youtube videos on my laptop (videos lag BIIIIIG time, audio is still good, though).

PS. Iceweasel should start and load pages. It should recognize that the flash-plugin does not work, and should disable it. I think other web browsers simply exit when this problem occurs. 192M may not be enough to start iceweasel, though.....

#7 Re: Tutorials » Laptop: Disable Touchpad While Typing » 2015-09-16 08:10:18

Nice, I use this, as well, except that 1.0 seconds is enough for me. What does -R stand for? Manual says it uses XRecord extension. Does it recognize better/faster keystrokes?

#8 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Bunsenlabs on laptops » 2015-09-14 16:47:41

Most of these powersaving tools have an automatic setting. So one possibility is just to pick one powersaving tool which is already configured nicely, and install that, and tell the user to go to some forums if they want to further tweak it. I think this is already much better than not to have any powersaving tools apart from xfce4-power-manager.

Another (long-term) possibility could be to figure out what tweakings are really good/nice/elegant, and install those (pending user permission). I think this would be more appropriate to the CB/BL philosophy. I am still in the process of tweaking laptop-mode-tools, because it does not perform as I would like it to, but due to lack of time, this project is postponed for a while....

#9 Re: Development » xfce-power-manager and xscreensaver vs vlc media player » 2015-09-14 05:14:11

Hm, apparently vlc fullscreen playing does not work (again). I need to investigate the cause, but it may be because of either a light-locker update (if such happened since) or that I have since installed the bunsen-backported xfce4-power-manager and that seomehow messed with earlier settings, or something completely different. (I vote for the second one, but I am not sure.) However, the icon that the power manager provides now at least has "presentation mode", which probably should be help solve this. Also, it is possible that the script I was using at the beginning would work now. I will have to investigate.

Edit: Yes, presentation mode indeed prevents screen blanking. I made a keybind by adding the following to rc.xml:

    <keybind key="W-p">
      <action name="Execute">
          <name>Presentation mode</name>
        <command>xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/presentation-mode -T</command>

It is possible to use this command just before and after starting vlc player, so it automatically toggles the switch. Or, even better would be to modify the lightsOn script from to recognize if presentation mode can be activated and then it should toggle presentation mode. Somehow this script is capable recognizing if vlc player or flash is fullscreen and has the active window.

#10 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-13 19:19:47

Ah, that was what I was missing: the existence of the /usr/share/bunsen/ directory. smile
Is there any "safe" way to merge these updated files to somebody's own directory structure? (I just spent about 15 minutes kdiff-ing the 4 openbox config files to mine and merging them by hand. I would not want to do that with all the other config files.)

Also, is there any "easy" way to know what is the difference between installed packages for the netinstall script on 15th August, and the current RC1 release?

BTW, thank you all, now ALT+F5 and ALT+F6 works!

#11 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-13 13:23:46

No worries, I was selfish by asking the question in the first place. :-)

Sorry, the keybinds pipemenu completely slipped my attention. I did not even notice that it exists.... I updated all bunsen packages using apt-get, reconfigured openbox, refreshed keybinds, but somehow the ALT+F5, ALT+F6 combinations do not show up in my keybinds pipemenu (neither do they work). I guess if I want them, I would need to add them to rc.xml myself. (I found some mouse combinations in rc.xml, but they are not so easy to use with a touchpad.)

BTW, I can see that there are keybinds for 4 desktops, yet Bunsenlabs comes with only 2 desktops by default. Is this by design?

#12 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Bunsenlabs on laptops » 2015-09-13 08:32:45

Installing the backported xfce4-power-manager is a nice touch for laptops, but is not enough in my opinion. I currently use laptop-mode-tools which can be installed by

sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools

One could use pm-utils, as well. I do not remember exactly why I chose laptop-mode-tools, it might have been more recent than pm-utils, I do not remember. (Also, pm-utils was originally designed to suspend and hybernate computers, which is now handled by systemd, so it would be superfluous to have that.) One could also use TLP, which seems to be very actively developed, but it is not yet backported to jessie.

Back to laptop-mode-tools. After installed, make sure to have


in /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf (unfortunately, I did not make a copy of the original settings, so I am not sure which one is set by default). I also have ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE_ON_AC=1, this may be advisable with people with SSD drives, because it does some optimization on e.g. hard drive access.

Then make sure to edit /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/lcd-brightness according to the file, and set


in there. It is not easy to automatically configure the lcd settings, because the brightness values are in different files for difference laptops (always somewhere in /sys). For example, I have the following settings:

# Commands to execute to set the brightness on your LCD
BATT_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND="echo $(($(cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness)/10*1))"
LM_AC_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND="echo $(cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness)"
NOLM_AC_BRIGHTNESS_COMMAND="echo $(cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/max_brightness)"

This will give max brightness when on AC power and 10% brightness when on battery power. These settings work for me, but on my other laptop I would use 30% instead on 10% on battery.

Finally, somehow the laptop-mode.service in systemd does not restart after a suspend, and therefore only observes a change in battery/ac power if it happens when the system is already turned on. That is, if you suspend when on ac power, then pull the plug when the laptop is suspended, then resume, it will still think that the laptop is on ac power. Probably there is a setting one needs to turn on somewhere, but I only found the following workaround: I created /usr/sbin/laptop-mode-restart with

if acpi | grep "ischarging"; then
     systemctl restart laptop-mode.service

Then I created /lib/systemd/system/laptop-mode-restart.service with

Description=Laptop Mode Tools Restart



Finally, to time this service, I created /etc/systemd/system/laptop-mode-restart.service.timer with

Description=Restart laptop-mode.service on boot with 5s delay



This makes sure that it restarts laptop-mode.service 5 seconds after boot. You will need to do these as root. Then, run

sudo systemctl enable laptop-mode-restart.service

to enable the service.

It works more or less ok. There are still problems that I need to sort out, e.g. it seems to disable xfce4-power-manager settings, because it sets values using xset. You can check the values by

xset -q

However, somehow the suspend does not work properly when on battery mode. I have not figured it out yet, it complains that "Authentication is required for suspending the system", even though systemctl suspend works without any problems. If somebody could sort this out, it would help a lot.

Also one could set their own commands with laptop-mode-tools, what they want the computer to do when switching from ac to battery power. This is useful e.g. for some laptops that have a powersave mode.
Alternatively, one could look at the other power management utilities and try those to see which one gives the most battery life.

Edit: Oh, about powertop: it does not always report everything properly. E.g. it complains that the value in


is too low, and it wants to set it to 1500. However, laptop-mode-tools already puts it to 60000 (i.e. 10 minutes?). It is clearly a bug in powertop, so you probably should check what it reports, and only tune that is not yet tuned.

#13 Re: Development » Evince PDF viewer - resizing window in rc1 » 2015-09-12 18:25:57

For me ALT+ right click lets me resize any window in any way I want.

#14 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » transmission-daemon helpers. » 2015-09-12 18:23:02

Wow, more than 1000 torrents. And you are currently uploading with more speed than my upload and download speed together. :-)

Just to be more on topic: I use aria2c on my raspberry pi. I needed to compile the 1.18 version from source, because raspbian is still in wheezy, but it is really resource light: using about 40 MB memory and 6-10% CPU (700 MHz) with 88 downloads (1 is actively downloading at a time because my internet speed is only 1Mbit).

One can also download a webui for this (then cpu usage rises to 30-45%) from github. However, I usually use the command line with the script aria2rpc that comes with it. I only use the webui for checking whether some download is finished.

Edit: typos.

#15 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Hibernation in bl-exit » 2015-09-12 11:18:24

Hm, ok, I understand. It is not a big deal to modify the bl-exit file. The only problem is that whenever it changes, then I have to make the modifications again. Would it be possible then to, say, bl-exit reads an external file (say ~/bin/my-bl-exit) and appends bl-exit with it, or only runs this second one or something?

#16 Re: Development » [ONLINE] BunsenLabs Debian Repository » 2015-09-12 09:19:53

I use both jessie-backports and the bunsen-jessie-backports sources, and apt has not gave me error messages so far. Of course, I only used it to install the tint2 icon to xfce4-power-manager, so only installed 3 packages that exist only in the bunsen-backports repo and not in the jessie-backports.

#17 Introductions » Introduction ghorvath » 2015-09-12 08:18:31

Replies: 5

Hi All. I saw that there is an introduction page, so I thought introducing myself. I am a maths researcher, having some linux background from 15 years ago when I was a uiversity student, but using windows steadily on my home machines. Last year I acquired a Raspberry Pi, running raspbian wheezy on it, and I like it very much. Then I had to revive my mother-in-law's very old computer (it was running windows xp but very slowly). I decided to install linux on it, preferably Debian based, and that is how I cam across #!. I liked it the second I booted the live cd, and was very sorry to hear that its development ended in February. Then I read that Bunsenlabs is in development and I got excited again, and this lead me to finally completely migrate from windows to linux on all my machines (altogether 3 laptops and 2 desktop computers at home/work/etc). Now I am still in the process of tweaking these systems to my liking, but I am really happy that I moved to Bunsenlabs, the world opened up a bit more to me!

Thank you for all the developers of Bunsenlabs, keep up the good work!

#18 Ideas & Suggestions » Hibernation in bl-exit » 2015-09-12 08:00:31

Replies: 4

I always put a hibernation button into my bl-exit script, and I am just wondering why this is not a standard for Bunsenlabs.

#19 Ideas & Suggestions » Bunsenlabs on laptops » 2015-09-12 07:58:28

Replies: 11

What I really like in Bunsenlabs (apart from the very nice look) is the welcome script that helps new users to install some useful packages and that it has some basic scripts which tweak the system to a very much usable one from the very beginning. One thing I am missing, though, is the laptop support. I understand that xfce4-power-manager is installed, but it does not do a lot of things that should be done for laptops. E.g. when one runs from battery, then the screen brightness should be lower, the ssd drives and usual hard drives should be used differently, a lot of things should be run on powersave mode rather than performance mode, etc. Currently I use laptop-mode-tools with systemd and some tweaking, but one can also use pm-utils, or probably some other things, as well. In any case, it might be helpful for a beginner to have some of these packages installed already, or maybe have an extra page on the welcome script to ask about installing them?

#20 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-12 07:43:49

ohnonot wrote:
ghorvath wrote:

Thank you. Alt+space and then x works for me.

so you prefer doing 3 keypresses a thousand times, instead of reading the openbox wiki once and setting your openbox up to maximize with 2, or even 1 keypress(es)?

Not to rant, just to make my reasons clear. I have migrated on all my machines from windows to linux. I was looking for quite some time for a distro that I like, and I ended up with Debian. But rather than choosing a desktop environment, I chose Bunsenlabs, because it seems to be very lightweight (which I like very much), has a really nice look and the community seems to be very helpful. Now, I spent the last month tweaking it to my requirements together with polishing up my linux knowledge from 15 years ago. I did several hours of google-ing and wiki-reading about linux, debian, bunsenlabs, not to mention the special quirks of my laptop(s) I am using. I still have several things to sort out, but I simply ran out of time and now need to work instead of playing around with my os. I know it is possible to define keybinds in rc.xml, I even have some of my own keybinds for programs I use often. What I do not know is the command to maximize a window, and whether there might be any other keybinds (like ALT+SPACE then x or the ALT+F56) that are already doing the job. I prefer not to mess more with a system than is necessary. From the experience in my last month, it would have taken me 10-30 minutes to figure out exactly what command to use and set a keybind to maximize. The difference between 2 and 3 keystrokes is at most 1 second, probably less, so I am better off for about 600-1800 use of this combination. And finally if it is already implemented, then I rather use that than reinvent the wheel a thousandth time.

So I chose the selfish way and asked the very helpful community to give me a hand. Thank you very much again for all of your solutions to this problem!

#21 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-11 16:00:33

Thank you very much for everyone for all the different solutions!

#22 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Midnight Commander should open files in background » 2015-09-11 12:20:33

If anyone is interested, I have found a workaround. Mount the necessary directory of your sftp server with sshfs to somewhere locally, and then you can browse it in mc as if it were a local directory, and mc would behave (provided you start with defining variable DE) as you would expect. It is still interesting, though, why setting variable DE does not work always in Bunsenlabs without this hack.

How can I mark this thread solved?

Edit: Ok, in the end I have found the reason why it was not always working. I was using sometimes sftp on servers which are only ssh-servers but not sftp servers. And then it failed. However, when I used a simple shell connection to these servers, then everything really works as intended (provided one defines the DE variable before starting mc).

That is, the solution: start mc with

export DE=xfce && mc

(you might as well put a line into ~/.bash_aliases) and then use shell connections instead of sftp connections whenever possible. Then (as far as I can tell) you can open files by pressing ENTER and you always get mc back, as well. The workaround is not needed anymore, but it might be nice to have anyway.

#23 Re: Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-11 11:12:52

Thank you. Alt+space and then x works for me.

Edit: How can I mark the thread to be solved?

#24 Help & Support (Beginners) » [Solved] Maximize window » 2015-09-11 07:18:00

Replies: 24

Sorry for the stupid question. Is there a key-combination defined in Bunsenlabs for maximizing the active window?

#25 Re: Development » [RELEASE] BunsenLabs 8.2 (Hydrogen) RC1 Live ISOs » 2015-09-10 20:14:18

Great work guys, thank you very much!

2 short questions. If I am running an earlier version, but update your packages from

then does it also create the changes in the different configuration files (for conky, tint, autostart, etc), or not?

My other question is rather a suggestion. In the following thread we are thinking about the behaviour of Midnight Commander:

Now, I understand that Bunsenlabs does not ship with mc automatically. However, I somehow cannot understand how is it that mc behaves appropriately under a proper desktop environment (KDE, GNOME or XFCE) and not in Bunsenlabs when opening files. Currently it seems as it is somehow related to how xdg-open handles file openings. I am wondering if you may want to take a look at this at some point.

Keep up the good work, and thank you for your efforts! I really like what you are doing, and I have installed bunsenlabs on 4 of my machines, with 2 more to come at some point in the future.

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