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#1 Re: News & Announcements » Linux Voice: a very different kind of magazine » 2014-03-07 04:48:46

Just got mine too, and also disappointed not to hear about #! 12.  Its the first time I've been excited to get the mail in a long time.

#2 Re: Introductions » help me come back to crunchbang » 2013-12-18 01:49:49

damo, porkpiehat,

thanks so much.  i went with installing 3.11 from backports.  touchpad and screen brightness works great now.  #! has all the usual awesomeness.  i found that my arch openbox installs ended up being half-rate crunchbang attempts, so i'm excited to be back.  i did learn a bit at least, but i never did really understand debian and apt-get before, so i have plenty to learn about.  hope the distro stays strong.

#3 Introductions » help me come back to crunchbang » 2013-12-17 06:29:53

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hi everyone.  i used crunchbang for a while a year or so ago, and liked it a lot aesthetically and functionally.  i came from ubuntu before, and wont say anything bad about it--ubuntu is how i got to linux, after all--but i found #! snappier and all the usual things.  unfortunately, my laptops have dragged me away due to driver issues (i think).  one of them is a dell xps13 and i have problems with the touchpad and backlight control using the 3.2 kernel.  it was a real pain until i switched to arch running newer kernels, which seemed to fix it after 3.8 or so.  i am wondering what is the way to bring in newer drivers from newer kernels that is the least disruptive to the rest of the system (which works great).  i would like to come back to crunchbang full-time, i still run it on one of my desktops, but i use the laptops more often.  any advice regarding whether i need to be compiling newer kernels or if it is possible to just install the few drivers that i need without disrupting the rest of the system would be useful.  i had gotten used to automatically getting newer kernels via pacman, so i feel a little lost in the debian repos.

thanks in advance for any guidance

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