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The end.

Fri, 06 Feb 2015 by corenominal

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CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" Released

Mon, 06 May 2013 by corenominal

Debian 7 "Wheezy" was released on May 4th. Congratulations and thank you to all involved; the Debian developers, hackers, testers, document writers, designers, bug reporters and users -- you are all awesome.

Now that Wheezy has migrated to the stable branch of Debian, this means that Waldorf is the new stable #! release. To acknowledge this occasion, I have rebuilt the Waldorf images. The new images are available now from the download page.

For anyone unaware, #! Waldorf has been in development for well over a year and has seen numerous development releases (20120430, 20120806, 20120924, 20120927, 20121015, 20130119). This probably makes Waldorf the most thoroughly tested #! release to date and as a result, I believe it is also the best #! release, ever, truly.

A massive thank you goes out to everybody who has helped with Waldorf, it really would not have been possible without your continued feedback, bug reports, contributions and support.

Note; for anyone who is already running Waldorf, there is no need to download and install these images.

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Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20130119

Sat, 19 Jan 2013 by corenominal

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

It has been approximately 3 months since the previous Waldorf images were built, so I figured the time was right to upload some updated builds. To be honest, I was tempted to wait until Debian Wheezy migrates to stable before updating the builds, but Debian being Debian (released when ready), it could mean waiting a week, a month, or even a year (although best estimates indicate it could be ~3 months).

Anyhow, the new images contain some fixes to the installer that affected installations performed using DVD media. Personally, I tend to install via a USB stick (the recommended method), so I had not come across the bug myself, until somebody else mentioned it. The bug appeared as an error message just before the GRUB install screen, where it asked the user to insert an additional disk. To fix this, I have applied some patches to the apt-setup component of the Debian Installer. I have tested the fixes on a couple of machines and they appear to work, however, it would be good to have them tested by others.

Other minor changes of note are:

  • Iceweasel updated to version 18.

  • VLC has replaced GNOME-MPlayer -- back by popular demand.

  • A Policy Kit Local Authority file has been added to enable easy mounting of internal drives within Thunar.

  • xfce4-power-manager has been patched to fix a long standing issue whereby the battery status icon would cause a visual error within tint2's system tray, after a system had been suspended and resumed.

As with the previous updated Waldorf images, other changes have been kept to an absolute minimum and any existing Waldorf users should not need to perform a new installation, unless they wish to help with testing the install process.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback, ideas, patches, code and financial help. CrunchBang would not be possible without you! I hope you enjoy these updated builds.

Happy CrunchBangin'!

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Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20121015

Mon, 15 Oct 2012 by corenominal

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

These new images were built to address an issue with the live session, whereby under certain conditions the live session would spawn two X sessions. Whilst this bug only affected live sessions and was not present once an installation had been performed, I still figured it was worth addressing to ensure any live users can more accurately evaluate the system, before performing an installation.

Other changes have been kept to an absolute minimum and any existing Waldorf users should not need to perform a new installation, unless they wish to help with testing the install process.

Other minor changes of note are:

  • Iceweasel updated to version 16.0.1

  • To improve the out-of-the-box networking experience, users are now automatically added to the 'fuse' group. This should make mounting of remote filesystems somewhat easier for novice users.

  • Thunar should now startup without delay. This addresses a long standing issue with Thunar whereby under certain conditions it would pause whilst waiting to automount network filesystems.

  • Other minor usability fixes which have been documented on the forums over the past few weeks.

A massive thank you to everybody who has helped test and provide feedback on the previous Waldorf images -- I have received numerous messages from people who have said that Waldorf is developing into something quite special and this would not have been possible without you! :)

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please do not hesitate to post below!

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Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20120927

Fri, 28 Sep 2012 by corenominal

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

The new images should be considered a reissue of the previous builds, built to correct a bug in the install process which rendered partman unable to create a working filesystem table.

Normally, I prefer to give each set of development builds a fairly lengthy trial before updating them, but in this case, I considered the bug important enough to warrant a quick turnaround. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Others changes have been kept to a minimum, with the exception of:

  • New installations will now use the new Debian repository redirector service.

  • A new metapackage, 'cb-metapackage', was used during the build process. The metapackage recommends all packages used in the default install.

  • A new config package, 'cb-configs', was used to include all default #! rc files distributed to '/etc/skel'.

As always with the development images, these builds are not recommended for anyone who requires a stable system, or is not happy running into occasional breakages. That said, thank you to everyone who helped by installing and testing the previous images. You are all awesome! :)

If you install these builds and you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to post a reply. Thank you.

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Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20120924

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 by corenominal

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

The updated images include the Debian Installer 7.0 Beta2 release. The main bug fix in the installer that concerns #! is #683849. This bug affected a number of users and rendered the previous images as uninstallable.

Other changes have been kept to an absolute minimum and any existing Waldorf users should not need to perform a new installion, unless they wish to help with testing the install process.

The only changes of minor note are:

  • Due to improvements and fixes applied upstream, the previous Compton/VLC workaround/bug fixing package is now rendered obsolete. If you are running a previous Waldorf installation, you may want to consider removing the package "cb-vlc-fix". The package has been removed from the latest build.

  • Some basic example templates (.sh & .txt) have been included for Thunar. Thanks to Johnraff.

  • Some depreciated syntax in the default Openbox menu and rc files has been updated. -- Johnraff.

  • A new keyboard shortcut has been added for htop (Super+h) -- Johnraff.

  • Issues regarding gnome-keyring should now be resolved.

A huge thank you to everybody who helped out with the previous test builds. As always, if you install these builds and you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to post a reply. Thank you.

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Updated Waldorf "Testing" images: 20120806

Thu, 09 Aug 2012 by corenominal

Updated Waldorf images are available now.

A good few months have passed since the initial Waldorf images were made available and during this time I received lots and lots of comments, suggests and bug reports. I have done my best to work my way through this feedback and make the necessary changes to improve Waldorf's out-of-the-box experience.

I would like to thank everyone who helped test the previous images and provide constructive and helpful feedback. You rock! :)

What's changed:

  • For the first time, the CrunchBang builds exceed the 700MiB CD limit. I feel that this is unfortunate, but reaching and exceeding the limit was possibly inevitable. If this something that you would like to comment on, please refer to the existing forum thread: Is it time to drop the 700MiB CD Limit?

  • As suggested, ARandR has replaced grandr as the default tool to help with configuring multi-screen set-ups. ARandR provides a nice feature whereby you can save/export complex xrandr commands to file, which can then be referenced via Openbox's autostart. Also, the default SLiM theme has been updated to also accommodate dual screen set-ups.

  • Talking of SLiM, a new GUI app has been developed to help configure the login manager. SLiMconf provides basic options for users to easily configure automatic login accounts, as well as other options, such as changing themes etc.

  • Prettier (highly subjective) fonts. Some changes have been made to try and provide similar font rendering to that of Ubuntu.

  • An additional 486 image has been made available for use on PCs with a single processor not supporting PAE. Interestingly, or not, a good few #! users seem to still require this and so I am happy to be able to provide it, again.

  • News from the Bike Shed Painting Committee: following an interesting forum debate, Iceweasel makes a return as the default browser, replacing Chromium.

  • Sadly, I have replaced (temporarily, hopefully) VLC with GNOME MPlayer. VLC caused issues with Compton, the default compositing manager, and so I decided to replace it with a comparable media player. I am sure that the issues are Compton's, not VLC's, but I am happy to make the switch while I wait for an upstream fix. Providing a stable/solid compositing manager remains at no.1 on my #! hit list.

  • Johnraff's excellent "Places" and "Recent Files" Openbox pipemenus make a return. John does a fantastic job at maintaining these pipemenus and I am happy to see them included by default. Thank you, John.

  • htop included by default, as requested.

  • I have made some modifications to the Debian Installer in an attempt to fix a issue whereby the installer would pause indefinitely on systems containing more than 1 network adapter. Due to limited resources, I have only been able to do limited testing of this, so if you were previously affected by this, I would love to hear from you.

  • As requested, ClipIt has replaced Parcellite as the default clipboard manager.

  • PNMixer has replaced volumeicon as the default system tray sound mixer.

  • Faenza icons.

  • Numerous other miscellaneous fixes and tweaks.

  • 3 months worth of package updates via the Debian repositories. As always, I and the #! community owe a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Debian project, without which #! would not exist. THANK YOU :)

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Waldorf development images ready for testing

Tue, 01 May 2012 by corenominal

The first CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf" development builds are now available for testing. For anyone unaware, these are the first builds to be based on Debian Wheezy sources. Wheezy is the current testing branch of Debian and therefore is likely to experience changes, bugs and breakages. These first builds are not recommended for anyone who requires a stable system, or is not happy running into occasional breakages.


The main focus of these builds has been to migrate the build system from Squeeze to Wheezy, and to fix any resulting breakages. Now that the migration is complete, these first test builds should provide functionality that is on a par with the existing Statler release.

Whilst not the primary focus, working on development builds of a new branch does afford the opportunity to review the list of installed applications. Of note, the following has changed:

  • SLiM replaces the deprecated GDM. Note, LightDM is under consideration for future builds, but at this point, it does not appear to offer any real advantages over SLiM.

  • Chromium replaces Iceweasel. This change reflects my personal preference and recent browser usage statistics.

  • Compton replaces xcompmgr and Cairo Composite Manager. Compton provides a stable compositing solution and for the first time, compositing is enabled by default.

  • PulseAudio is now installed by default.

Known issues

  • "module unix not found in modules.dep" is displayed when booting, The message is harmless and is a known upstream bug:

  • Slow/unusable Intel PRO wireless over 11n. This appears to be a known kernel bug and patches have already been applied upstream. If your system suffers from this, a quick search should provide details about how to temporarily disable 11n connections, until a fix arrives.

  • Theme parsing errors reported in .xsession-errors. These should disappear/stop being reported when GTK 3.4 libs enter testing.

Unknown issues

As always, please feel to leave feedback and suggests. Your input is really appreciated and really does help to improve quality and usability. If you have feedback, please either reply to this topic, or create a new topic in the 'Devel: CrunchBang 11 "Waldorf"' forums.

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Updated Statler Images

Fri, 25 Nov 2011 by corenominal

There are some updated Statler images available here:

Apologies for the lack of release notes, I will try to get some details written down over the weekend :)

Update: I have posted some more information about these images on my blog: … er-images/

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CrunchBang 10 "Statler" r20110207

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 by corenominal

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will almost certainly be aware that Debian 6 "Squeeze" was released over the weekend of the 5th & 6th of February '11. This is great news for Debian and great news for CrunchBang.

CrunchBang 10 "Statler" has been in development since early last year. The first alpha release came out in March '10 and several development builds have followed whilst Debian Squeeze remained in testing. Now that Squeeze has migrated from testing to stable, CrunchBang Statler will also adopt the stable moniker.

The new CrunchBang 10 "Statler" r20110207 images were built on Monday 7th February 2011 using the stable Debian Squeeze and CrunchBang Statler repositories. Changes from the previous builds have been kept to a minimum. The changes that have been made include:

  • Chromium Browser (ver.9) replaces Google Chrome stable.

  • Debian Installer (gui & text) replaces the previous Live Installer.

  • Other minor changes and bug fixes.

A huge thank you is owed to everyone who has helped with the testing and development of Statler. The continued feedback from Statler users has been amazing and has really helped to make Statler the best CrunchBang release to date. Thank you. :)



Existing Statler users should not need to perform a reinstall, instead a simple 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' should suffice.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UNETBOOTIN USERS: CrunchBang images will more than likely fail to work if copied to USB devices with Unetbootin. Please use the recommended method for creating USB installation media.

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